Who are we?

Theatre of Minds

We are a group of young people between the ages of 18 and 21 working together to create theatre in our local community. The majority of the members of the company are current or ex- students of Beaumont School in St Albans, but the group formed with the desire to create theatre beyond the school environment. We all have different roles within the production process, so that our entire project can be created by young people making it easier for us to portray young people’s issues in an honest and truthful way. Our production Base Layer was performed in the summer of 2016, and now Theatre of Minds is coming back in 2018 with a brand new production.

The founders of Theatre Of Minds:



Beth Wilson

I am now studying maths at the University of Leeds, and although drama is not my degree subject I am always looking for new ways to develop my skills both on and of the stage. One of the most exciting things about the theatre, for me, is the sense of community and the prospect of sharing stories within that community, giving a voice to anyone and everyone who wants to use it.
I began to channel my enthusiasm for the role of the director through my gap year, developing the interest I had found whilst at school, with a directors course at the National Theatre and then directing our piece, Base Layer. During my first year in Leeds I focused more on the performing side of things, establishing myself in the theatre community, before spending five weeks in the summer studying music theatre at RADA. This year I have been assistant director on two productions, developing my skills and passion for the role, and I’m now in the early stages of several upcoming projects including the next production with Theatre of Minds.



Lucy Wilson

I am currently in year 13 at Beaumont School, St Albans, and I am studying for my A-Levels (one of which is drama). I really enjoy creating drama especially physical theatre as I like the fact that the audience can read in to it what they want. Everyone will have a different opinion, there is no right or wrong.
In year 10, me and several other friends took part in a physical theatre showcase led by Mrs N Ward and we created a piece based around the idea of News, and then I performed as part of the company in Base Layer. As part of my studies I have created a devised piece in the style of Gecko and an adaptation of George Orwell’s 1984, and most recently I performed as Gerda in a production of The Snow Queen at the Abbey Theatre which gave me a fantastic insight into the inner workings of the theatre. Now I am preparing for the latest production with Theatre of Minds working both on and off the stage.


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