Last Night I Wrote Lists…

keep calm and make a list

Over the course of the last few years I have come to realise that I thrive on being rushed off my feet. I perform best when I have to work out how to fit everything in; when it’s stressful and I’m running on adrenaline because I have to make the most of every spare minute. Thanks to Music Theatre Society my first term at the University of Leeds began exactly like this, as we put on Confessions, a new musical, in about 4 weeks, and it really didn’t let up until Christmas – I was very lucky with the projects I was involved in.

My second term moved at a much more civilised pace. I performed in a play (‘Miscellaneous’ with The Toasted Peacocks, a new company based in Leeds) and still felt involved in the other societies I am a part of. But life wasn’t quite so crazy. I think at this point in the year, I did need this because I felt like I lived up in Leeds more this term (rather than just staying there) and became more comfortable in my flat and in my life up there. I also enjoyed working on my degree way more in second term (crazy I know!).

Now, however, I have six months ahead of me with way less structure than in term-time life. There will be busy weeks in there, and there are projects coming up which I am aiming for but I want to stop just waiting for things to happen to me. I spent a year after I finished school creating my own structure and fitting various things around each other – I want to get back to doing that, instead of relying on other people because I’m not very good at doing that anyway!

So last night, when there were four million things whizzing around my brain and I couldn’t sleep, I got up and made some lists. Lists of things I want to do, and how to get them done. Some bigger goals like things I want to do in second year, and what I want to do with the next six months, right down to what I need to do this week. Most of the bigger targets have internal steps to help me get there, and some haven’t quite got a clear path yet but I think plans will unfold the more work I get done.

One thing that came up was ‘Hey what’s stopping me getting the Theatre of Minds blog going again?’ I hope that I can make it as regular as it was last year, with posts about theatre and mental well-being to keep inline with the project we created, but who knows – this is the plan at any rate! Let’s face it this is a post for me more than anyone else, but if you were here before: welcome back, and if you are new: I hope you stick around a bit and find something interesting in our project. Anyhow, here I am taking control of what I want to happen; making myself busy with self-set targets and not waiting for people to hand me life on a plate.

List 2


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