What next?

Base Layer received a fantastic response when we performed in July. So many people commented on how affected they were by the material that we presented, and best of all more and more people are talking about the topics we discussed in the piece.

Therefore, we are delighted that we have been invited to perform Base Layer again at the Abbey Theatre in St Albans. The performance will be at 7:30pm on Saturday 10th September in the studio, allowing us to spread our message to an even wider audience. Tickets are available on the Abbey Theatre website by clicking the link here.

If you weren’t able to join us in July or you would like to see Base Layer again, we hope you will take this opportunity to help us support Young Minds – the UKs leading youth mental health charity. We are delighted that we have the chance to bring Base Layer back in the autumn, and would like to thank the Abbey Theatre for giving us the opportunity to do so. We hope to see you there.

Rehearsal Video Diary 2 (If you would like to see more visual material from the project, go to the Our Work tab above)


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