Rehearsal Photos

Some shots of our rehearsals for Base Layer. Everyone is working so hard for this – make sure you book up the remaining tickets for the Trestle Arts Base show on Saturday here.

Friday 3

Actors: Lucy, Gina and Bethan

Friday 11

Actors: Toby, Tom, Tamsin and Emily

Friday 9

Director: Beth

Friday 5

Actors: Tamsin, Lucy, Bethan, Mae

Friday 4

Actors: Toby, Emily, Tom

Friday 7

Director: Frankie

Friday 2

Actors: Gina, Tamin, Lucy and Bethan

Friday 1

Actors: Mae and Bethan

Friday 10

Actors: Gina, Lucy, Mae and Bethan

Friday 8

Directors: Beth and Frankie

Photos taken by director Katie Walton.

If you would like to find out more about our cast and crew take a look at our Introductions post.

Tickets available for this Saturday on the Base Layer page of the blog – book to help us raise funds and awareness for Young Minds.


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