Nearly there…

Rehearsals for Base Layer begin on Saturday and we are all very excited! Everything has come around so fast and from here to the end it is all go. Over the weekend, Beth and I spent a very long time trying to put together an intensive rehearsal schedule to make sure that everything gets done in time. This task proved to be quite tricky but we got there in the end! The majority of the first week will be spent blocking Base Layer so that in the second week leading up to our first performance at the Trestle Arts Base, we can focus on developing our characters.

Over the weekend, we also sent out all of the scripts to the actors so that lines can start to be learnt. It’s very exciting because now we have an arch for the piece and the only thing left to find is the music for any movement sections.

Tickets for both performances are selling fast and we are busy advertising in the local area. I have been putting leaflets into houses around Trestle and me, Mae and Tamsin went into Beaumont today and put up posters everywhere we could think of to try and promote Base Layer to the school community.
To buy your tickets for Base Layer, click here:

It’s all getting very exciting here and we can’t wait to start rehearsals on Saturday.


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