Positive Thinking

During exam season, it is very hard to stay positive because you are surrounded by revision and it seems like a never ending cycle of exams. But, now being at the end what has been a very hard couple of months, it got me thinking about positive thoughts. We all know that generally if you want to be happy, you have to “think positively” but sometimes, this is much easier said than done. 

Recently, I came accross this article by James Clear about positive thinking and how it can actually improve your health, build your skills and can even help improve your work. You can click here to read the article (I would definitely recommend it as I found it very interesting).

One of the things that James mentioned was that if you are thinking negative thoughts, they can actually narrow your mind and thoughts. The example he used was a tiger and that if you see a tiger in front of you, you just run without thinking about anything else, you are completely focussed on the negative thought that there is a tiger there. I found this really interesting because I am prone to switching very quickly from a positive mindset to a negative one and then I can only see all the bad things that are happening as my brain has been blocked off by my negative thoughts which I had never really thought about before. 

Later on, he goes on to talk about what you can do to increase positive thinking in your life and one of the things he suggests is scheduling in play. During my revision, I always have to put in little breaks because otherwise I get too tired and I start not being able to do things so then I panic. But I realised that these little breaks are actually me scheduling in play as I am not thinking about work at all and giving my brain a minute to rest. 

James also mentions about how you have to “Give yourself permission to smile” which I think is a very good saying. He talk about it in the sense that unless you actually give yourself time to play, you are never giving your brain a chance to smile and think positive thoughts.

He ends article on the phrase “seek joy, play often, and peruse adventure”. I think this sums up what positive thinking is all about and during Theatre of Minds, we are definitely pursuing adventure. Theatre of Minds has kept me going during exam season and now Beth and I are both very excited to be working on it all the time now my exam revision is finishing.

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