Once upon a time, Theatre of Minds was just a team of two. Me and Lucy would set aside some time every so often and set out a plan for the next half-term or so: blog posts we wanted to go out, people we needed to contact, lists of dates and deadlines. Nowadays, we have a cast and crew and lots of support from the community, so our meetings have grown bigger and more frequent.

On Sunday, our management meeting got bigger. I met with Katie about the next steps of the project. She and Francesca are going to be taking on some new responsibilities in the project – making my life a lot easier. Expect to hear a lot more from these two in the coming weeks!

A couple of weeks ago, I met with Kat Cormack – a mental health activist, working for CLASP and Young Minds along with several others. Counselling, Life Advice and Suicide Prevention are working to reduce the stigma surrounding suicide and mental illness. Kat’s work means that she sets up events like this a lot (most recently the Walk Out of Darkness in London) so she had lots of ideas of things that we could do for Theatre of Minds. Lots of things came out of the meeting that I had never thought about before, and I hope that we can continue to be in contact throughout the process.

Side note: this project is so exciting but it is bigger than I ever thought it would be. So many people seem to know about the project and everyone wants to help. it’s amazing, but sometimes things can be quite over-whelming because I feel like a very small fish! This project has become very personal to me. It’s a fantastic creative outlet and so the positive response we have received has been very special. It’s massive, but so good.

I also went in to Beaumont a couple of weeks ago and met with Miss Shepherd. We talked seating arrangements and performance logistics, and made the whole thing even more real! Now I am further along the path to creating our very complicated rehearsal schedule – we have actors who have lessons, over three locations and only two weeks to put it all together in. Logistics meetings are starting to become very important!

Base Layer: A production by young people for Young Minds – come and join us in supporting young people’s mental health. Tickets available here.


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