Some notices (but exciting notices which I hope you will want to read about!)

We are delighted to announce that through our crowdfunding campaign along with some outside donations, we have managed to raise nearly £1060 towards this project.

Crowdfunding Amount

This means that we have now surpassed our target of £1000, which will be used to help us put on the best production possible in aid of Young Minds. Thankyou so much to everyone who has donated and got us to this point; we never thought we would raise this much so quickly and have been blown away by the support we have received. Any further contributions will be added to the pot to donate to Young Minds at the end of the project (along with any funds that we don’t use to put on the production) so please continue to share the link and spread awareness of our project. If you would like to find out more about our crowdfunding campaign take a look at our previous posts:
Crowdfunding – We need your help
Crowdfunding Campaign

We were featured in the latest edition of the Herts Advertiser. A couple of weeks ago, I conducted a phone interview with chief reporter Debbie White and told her all about Theatre of Minds, what has happened and what we are planning for the next few months.

Herts Ad

Thankyou so much to Debbie White and the Herts Advertiser for their support in spreading the word of our project. We are delighted that our local community has taken such an interest as this production and this cause are so important to us.

Make sure that you are following us on twitter (@theatreofminds) and that you have liked our facebook page to stay up to date with all our goings on.



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