For the last decade, Laura Darrell has suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. After receiving help from a lot of people, Laura has reached the other side and now she wants to give something back to the world.

Earlier this week, Laura set up an online campaign to spread awareness of mental health issues on social media. To support the campaign all you have to do is post a picture of yourself with a postit note and the words #itaffectsme written on it. The title is a reminder that we all have been or will be affected by mental illness at some point in our lives. Whether directly or indirectly through someone that we know and love, we are still affected and Laura wants to remove the stigma surrounding this. ‘Mental illness has no prejudices about who it affects, so we should have no prejudices about it.’ writes Darrell on http://www.itaffectsme.co.uk/ 

The reason I decided to post this here is that Laura’s message sits inline with our reasons behind Theatre of Minds. We want to create a piece of theatre showing that no-one can escape mental illness because it is everywhere. What you see on the outside doesn’t give you someone’s whole story, and so the people suffering aren’t always those you would expect. This theatre project will not only raise awareness, but also funds for the charity Young Minds (a young people’s mental health charity). If you would like to support our project, you can find out more about our crowdfunding campaign here.

If you would like to find out more information about #itaffectsme, the guardian published an article this week in support or you can search the hashtag on twitter.

Theatre of Minds supports #itaffectsme




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