Money makes the world go around

Over the half term holiday, Lucy and I had some time to plan the next steps for this project. Our first steps (securing dates and a venue, and getting this blog up and running) are now underway, so over a mid-afternoon waffle we had a meeting to focus our energy.

MoneyBudgeting and working out how to finance this project has been one of the hardest things for us so far, as we have very little experience in this area. However, thanks to research and many, many questions posed to the staff at the Trestle Arts Base, we have reached the point where we have a vague idea of how much money we need to pull this off. Something that we feel very strongly about is that all the money from tickets sales and collections on the night goes directly to Young Minds, the charity that we have chosen to raise money and awareness for. However, this means that we need to fund-raise prior to the performances in order to cover the costs of production.

Setting the ball rolling for this fund-raising is now our main aim for this half term. We are investigating the use of online crowdfunding, to try and send our message out to as many people as possible. Finding a site that will work for us involves lots of investigation, but we hope that this will for a major part of our fund-raising program. More details soon to come, so keep your eyes peeled.

We are also starting to think about sponsorship as a fund-raising option, because this will also help us to form connections with local businesses and infiltrate our message throughout a wider network. Getting people involved in all aspects of the production and liaising with people within our community is just as important as the final piece. So, if you know of anyone who owns a local business, who might like to sponsor us in return for some advertising space in the program or on our posters, send us an email at or tweet us at @theatreofminds

There are lots of things coming up for theatre of minds, so keep your eye on twitter and facebook for when our latest blog posts come out so that you stay informed. Thankyou to everyone who is supporting us and getting involved with this project; we couldn’t be doing this without you.


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