A Period of sickness affecting the body or mind

I have unfortunately been ill for the last few days; just a virus – a sickness bug – but my days lying on the sofa have made me think a bit more carefully what that word really means: ‘illness’.

The Oxford English Dictionary definition of ‘illness’ is A disease or period of sickness affecting the body or mind. But I think that it means more than that.

Due to my horizontal state, I missed out on a workshop that I was supposed to go on earlier this week. Illness, physical or mental, seems to make you not be able to do the things that you want to do: it makes you miss out. By missing out on things that you love, something is taken away from you. I can only go on what I have experienced, but from my perspective, illness makes me not me anymore.

People suffering from an illness, whether physical or mental, deserve the same care, help and attention. By spreading awareness about mental illnesses in young people, I hope that we can start to break down the stigma so that people suffering from a mental illness can benefit from the same respect as anyone suffering physically. Even the dictionary definition accepts that an illness of any part of the body has the same impact on someone’s life – society needs to too.


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