LightbulbWhen I get a piece in mind I start seeing inspiration everywhere! Every song becomes a movement sequence in my head; every passage in a book becomes a monologue; every image, play, film and television show become snippets of the world we are going to create on stage.

Right now Theatre of Minds is the project spinning around my mind and forming ideas. We may only be in the earliest stages, with many, many problems to solve, but the creative side is much more comfortable to think about so I’ve been doing some of that as well. I thought I’d share a couple of pieces of inspiration that have caught my eye recently (without giving too much away;) )

This song has been my obsession since I first heard it – I can’t stop listening to it. The lyrics feel so raw and truthful, and project the emotions onto the listener beautifully with the help of the heart-felt piano accompaniment. I can see a collective movement piece in my mind’s eye, because although there are deep feelings there, the final chorus brings about a positivity. For me, it’s about being stronger when you have people around you to support you.

Over the summer I read the gripping autobiography of Alan Cumming: NotAlan Cumming Autobiography my Father’s Son. I read the whole book in about 48 hours but one paragraph specifically seems very relevant to this project. Alan writes about when he suffered from an eating disorder. He speaks of how he felt like he should have had everything (loving wife, trying for a baby, career taking off) but still suffered. It’s an idea that I really want to play with in the piece: the idea that people suffer behind closed doors even when everything appears to be going well.

Pinterest is a fantastic website for inspiration. Images and quotes to spark an idea are so easily available and all collected together in one place.
We are all a little brokenThis image in particular got me thinking. Our situations are all unique, but no-one is completely alone in their feelings (no matter how much it feels like that). I want to try and use multi-roling in our piece to show this idea of everyone being affected, and also to show several sides to the same character.

Inspiration is everywhere. We are in the very early stages, but the creative juices are always flowing!


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