The Plan: Update

There have been many developments over the course of the summer holidays – our brains have been whirring with ideas. Plans for Theatre of Minds are slowly getting up and running.

With the help of the local community, we will be putting on two performances in July 2016. This will be a devised piece of theatre which we will create over a two week rehearsal period with our cast and crew. The basis of the production will be extracts from several different plays, alongside physical theatre movement sequences performed to music. Some dialogue will be spoken live, but we will also record lines and passages during the rehearsal period to be played back over the performance on stage. Among many other options that this gives us, we hope that this will help to put the audience in someone else’s shoes.

The message of our project is simple. We want to use theatre to show the many different attitudes towards mental health issues in young people; to show that anyone can be affected. The emotional well-being of young people today is an issue that affects us all, directly or indirectly through the people around us. This project is about spreading awareness to help people suffering in silence, as well as raising money for the charity Young Minds.

Following us on twitter and keeping an eye on this blog will help you to keep up to date with our developments here at Theatre of Minds.


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