Tell Your Story

I’ll be honest I’ve been pretty nervous about this project so far. My experiences in the arts have all been very performance based and so the tasks that we have set ourselves for this summer have seemed a little over whelming. Lucy has taken to the blogging side of things much quicker than me, and I have been a little wary of getting my voice out there. I have to keep reminding myself that there are things that I have experience of: not only have I performed throughout my school life, I have also dabbled my hand in some directing through which my skill set developed further.

As part of my A2 drama course we had to create a devised piece of theatre from the stimulus Walls. I decided to take this unit as a director and work with a group of actors in a different role. Over three months of exploratory rehearsals we created a piece about domestic abuse and the responsibility of the community to help the victims. From the beginning of this process I was vBook 2ery conscious of the importance of a clear storyline for the audience to follow and connect with. I wanted to create a piece that passed on a clear message and to do this the audience needed to understand the characters in front of them. I was delighted with the outcome because using a very basic storyline we involved the audience in the emotions of the performance and made
them feel guilty for standing by and watching our victim’s troubles.

Although the piece that we plan to create next summer will be made up of extracts of plays we have read, the importance of one continuous arc remains. This will be one of my main aims throughout the preparation and rehearsal processes so that we can pass on a clear message. I want to show the audience that anyone can be affected by mental wellbeing issues, so it isn’t always the people that you would expect. To do this we will need to create characters that the audience members can relate to and recognise their stories in themselves and the people around them.


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