A Very Busy Day

Last Thursday, Beth and I had quite a busy Theatre Of Minds day! In the morning, we had a meeting at the Trestle Arts Base to discuss using their theatre space for one of our performances next summer. It was great because Trestle logothey were so enthusiastic about our idea and they were really keen to be involved. We met with Emily and Emma and they gave us plenty of things to be thinking about over the summer so we came away very excited, with our brains whirring.
Then, we dashed home and went to the station to catch a train to the Southbank in London. We were going to the National Theatre Bookshop to hunt for plays.

We spent the whole afternoon therBookse reading the blurb on the back of so many plays. In the end we had to stop because our brains hurt too much! It was a very successful trip as we were able to get lots of ideas for plays we should read and we also bought two plays called Monkey Bar by Chris Goode and Free Fall by Vinay Patel.
If you have any idea for plays we should look at, please contact us via twitter at @TheatreOfMinds or by email at theatreofminds239@gmail.com. We are very open to any suggestions.

It was a very exhausting day but very useful.

Watch this space for information about important dates and opportunities to get involved.


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