How did this all start?

I love creating theatre, especially physical theatre or movement based pieces, because there is so much you can do and your audience can interpret it however they like. Even if they don’t completely understand what is going on, the fact that you can convey so many thoughts and feelings via movements amazes me.
Whenever I come up with an idea, I get very excited, especially if it is any good because this crazy idea that you thought about in your head is now actually working.
I felt like this when this whole idea of putting on a play started because I never thought it would actually work.
It all began when I was walking through the Maltings car park in St Albans and I thoughtUntitled design (5) how cool it would be to put a play in a car park. I couldn’t stop thinking about: how you could do amazing movement sequences; the amount of physical theatre you could include; all about the meaning behind the different levels in the car park; the fact that there are only specific spaces you can park in. All of these things were whizzing round my head and every time I thought about it, I got more and more excited. However, in reality, this was not going to be feasible as you can’t really hire a car park and even if you did, it would be very hard to light it and you would need a very impressive sound system. So, my sister and I realised that although we probably couldn’t put on a play in a car park, there is nothing stopping us performing in an inside space, as we can include just as much movement and physical theatre. The more we have thought about it, the more excited we have become as this is something that neither of us ever thought we would be able to do.

We are going to be looking for a stage crew, a lighting team, front of house, as well as performers. So watch this space.

It is all very exciting and we are so happy that we can share it YOU!!


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